Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for organising our event yesterday. It worked really well and the feedback from the rest of the group was really good. Many thanks,

Cyrus Daruwalla
Finance Manager
Baringa Partners

Catherine Skeggs with Raymond Aaron, the NY Times Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker, who wrote the forward of Catherine's book “What are we going to do next? - Social team-building and Finding Fun for City Adventurers”

Catherine Skeggs collecting her award from Julie Meyer.


Thank you Catherine and Ian. I had a great time!

- Rosemarie Bryant

 Fantastic! Its a great way to absorb many of the museum's artefacts and displays.

— Gale Astley

A very pleasurable way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

— Asha Thomas

I really enjoyed wandering round Tate Britain as it was my first visit.

- Linda Smith

Thank you for putting me in the team with those 4 chaps!! I had a laugh and we won it !! Thanks again ,

- Suzanne Martin

A million thanks for organising this. We had an absolute ball. We had a blast - met some new people, saw some new London sites, got some exercise. The organisers were brilliant and it was super-fun

- Mish William

Fantastic day was has by all  -

Sheila Smith

 Very well organised, thanks Catherine!, About the right amount of walking and thinking.

- Helen and Andy Robinson

Comments:  Last fall, I tried out your No Malist Aforethought game, and everybody loved it!  Last week, we all got together for The 8 Deadly Sinners and had even more fun!!!  I have been hosting murders for about 7 years, and I'm so glad to have found your site.  Your games are simply terrific!  I'm sure I'll be ordering more of them in the near future.  Thanks again!

- Sara Bullock

I just played "No Malist Aforethought" yesterday. And it was huge fun.

- Anne Staehr

Thanks so much for making the event so enjoyable – everything was seamless with the hunt and the meal!  Our team really enjoyed the time and we learned a lot about each other.

I look forward to seeing the pictures!  That will be a lot of fun.

All the best, Joe

Joseph Giuliano

Sr. Director, Global Medical Operations & Patient Registries

Amicus Therapeutics

My husband was a little worried about strangers talking to him at first, but we all became comfortable with the actors. By the main course he was chatting to them and found it easy to ask questions.

- Barbara D.

I liked that we were immediately part of the action. The actors spoke to us as soon as we arrived.

-Richard J.

I have recommended your name to friends so I hope you will be hearing from some of them in the near future.

- Pauline Stewart

The party was a great success, enjoyed by all. The plot kept everyone guessing until the very end - plenty of suspects with ghosts in the wardrobe!

- Kathy

 I would like to thank you for the space mystery game.  For my daughters birthday she wanted something different to the normal disco or bowling party, so we ordered the missing space captain.  All the children loved the games and craft etc and it was all set out well and easy to follow.  Several of the Mums now want me to do the same thing for them!


“Great afternoon activity for friends or family”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 16 April 2016 via mobile

My wife, myself and a friend went to the Rule Britannia event, and were met by the 2 helpful and friendly team members. We were given out briefing packs, and sent on our way. It was a fun afternoon, with thought provoking clues, allowing us to see parts of London we wouldn't otherwise have seen! A great activity and well worth the money!

“Worth the money for something different to do in London!”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 22 June 2015

In London there are so many tourist traps, and other things to do. This is slightly off the normal tourist ideas, which is good for locals too. This is a good way in which to see parts of London you wouldn't have necessarily spent as much time in. I did the hunt that was around Trafalgar Square and the strand. It was really good, and meant that I was looking around at the architecture and statues more than I would have been if just going for a walk or if I was walking en route somewhere. Being so close to London is good as it means I can do more of these in other places! Looking forward to the next one!

“A fun-filled day out in London that I will definitely take part in again!”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 2 February 2015

I have been on 3 scavenger hunts with this company and each one has been lots of fun and very different from the last. The experience can vary from looking for science-related facts in the Science Museum to searching for street art in Brixton. You will notice things that you may not have done so before, which makes the experience that bit more interesting. It's a cheap day out and everyone meets in a pub afterwards to discuss clue answers and talk to the other people taking part. I'd definitely recommend that people go along!

“Really Fun Day Out - Reccomend”

5 of 5 starsReviewed 2 February 2015

This is really fun and makes you look closely at your surroundings. I would say its a great day out as the activity takes a few hours, and there is always a drink at the meeting place afterwards where you can discuss the answers, and your thought processes with the other teams.

They can happen all over London, and I've done a few of the ones inside museums and the ones outside. I prefer the museum ones, as it really draws your eye to the collection to find the answers. Sometimes there are additional things to find such as dressed up actors.

Clues can be cryptic and it does need some thought, but nothing too strenuous. There is always a lot of thought gone into the clues Sometimes there is a little treat along the way. One month there was wine tasting at the end, and another time we got mincepies. The winners always get a decent prize too, usually a box of chocolates each.

Would recommend for everyone. Its a good way to spend time with friends and family, and its a unique way for tourists to see London.

“Excellent, fun-filled afternoon”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 12 April 2016

A great afternoon! The treasure hunt itself explored an area of a London I'd never been before, and allowed time to look at things you wouldn’t necessarily explore. The hunt was well planned, with clues and riddles to solve, and although quite hard, was fun to do! The planners were very engaging, and informative, and were available whenever you needed that extra bit of help! A lovely ending at a wine bar with a free well deserved drink!

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